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The fake Amazon Alexa Echo app which you should avoid after fooling thousands of users into downloading it - The Sun

PEOPLE rushing to install an app for their Christmas present Amazon Alexa Echo have been duped into downloading a phoney one.

It is reported that the fake app has soared to number 6 on the App Store’s charts because so many have been tricked.

 Many will have received the new Amazon speakers this Christmas

AP:Associated Press

Many will have received the new Amazon speakers this Christmas

Usually Apple spots these apps before they make it onto its store but it appears to have missed this one.

Called Setup for Amazon Alexa, it claims to help users get their new gadget up-and-running.

Its creators claim: “We teach you how to correctly setup your device, and give you essential commands.”

Users, it’s claimed, can “take control” and learn about “different unique commands, found only on this app”.

But it would seem that the app is not a helping hand after all and is alleged to be a way for its creators to make lots and lots of money at your expense.

 The App had climbed high up the charts
The App had climbed high up the charts
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The software, however, is not thought to be harmful.

Apple has now removed Setup for Amazon Alexa from it’s App Store.

In October Android phone owners were being warned over fake security apps that have a sinister secret.

Instead of providing you with proper security benefits, they instead simply serve you ads – to make their creators money.

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