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WWE News: WWE legend drops massive hint for his Royal Rumble 2019 return - Times Now

WWE Royal Rumble Kurt Angle

WWE legend drops a massive hint for his Royal Rumble return (Photo Credit: 

The Road to Wrestlemania will start soon with the WWE Royal Rumble 2019 just weeks away from the WWE Universe. Till now only two WWE Superstars have been confirmed for the Royal Rumble, one is Drew McIntyre and the other one is R-Truth, who will enter the Rumble ring as #30 following the win at the Mixed Match Challenge with Carmella. But, WWE legend and Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle might have dropped a massive hint for his WWE in-ring return and might enter the men’s Royal Rumble 2019 come the January.

Angle remained as the RAW General Manager from 2017 to 2018 before Stephanie McMahon sacked him and named WWE Superstar Baron Corbin as the RAW General Manager.  However, Angle returned at the recently concluded WWE TLC and helped Braun Strowman, who was present with a casted arm, beat Baron Corbin.

Angle recently took to Instagram and posted a photo of him in a title match against late Chris Benoit at the 2003 Royal Rumble.

"Up next..... Royal Rumble in January 2019. 16 years ago I had the privilege of defending my WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. This is how the match was explained verbally to those who haven’t watched it. “Professional wrestling in its purest form is as beautiful as ballet, as elegant as a ballroom dance and as captivating as a theater. By purest form I mean technical wrestling, which in today’s world is almost non-existent. The fiery chain wrestling, involving great chemistry, in-ring psychology and dream like story telling is something that happens when all the stars align.” This match was one of my best performances of my career. If you haven’t seen it, give it a look. #itstrue #wwe #championship #royalrumble," Angle captioned the photograph.


The pro-wrestling fraternity since then has predicted that Angle will return at Royal Rumble and might even win the Rumble to seal a place at WWE Wrestlemania 35.