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Calendar to help Kath fight MS | News - Haslemere Herald

A GROUP of brave regulars at The Wyvern pub in Church Crookham have launched a risqué calendar to raise funds for one of their own - to help Kath Lee’s battle with multiple sclerosis.

Mother of two Kath, 47, was diagnosed with the degenerative condition in 2009 but her health has gone rapidly down hill in recent years and she is now mostly wheelchair-bound.

With no prospect of a cure for her condition, her only hope is to delay her multiple sclerosis getting worse – and so, with the support of her husband Bill and bold band of quiz team-mates, Kath has launched a campaign to raise the £40,000 she needs for pioneering stem cell treatment.

She said: “I was working for Soldier Magazine about 20 years ago when I remember going to the bank one afternoon and not being able feel my legs.

“I went to the doctor and remember thinking then that it could be multiple sclerosis, but the doctor just said it must be a virus and it kind of just disappeared.

“But then my mum died of cancer in 2007 and toward the end of 2008 I started getting really bad, really tired and fatigued. In February 2009 I went to a wedding and was wearing high heels, and it felt like the heel on my right foot had broken.

“I was turning around and stumbling, and my leg didn’t turn with me.

“Because of my mum’s brain tumours, I was given an MRI scan and I started freaking out thinking I was going the same way as my mum. So when they told me I had multiple sclerosis I was actually quite relieved because I knew I didn’t have a brain tumour.

“Then in 2012, I was made redundant from Soldier Magazine. I was in a lot of stress and my body relapsed. My foot started to drag a bit, I was feeling weak lifting up – just noticing little things like that.

“And then in 2014 I went for another MRI scan and they found three legions down my spine. From then on I just started deteriorating. I’ve now got drop foot in my right foot, my left leg is becoming weaker, and I’ve got numbness in my hands and arms permanently – so I’m going downhill.”

Kath’s only hope is that stem cell treatment might slow down her deterioration –but as this is not currently available on the NHS, she must raise the £40,000 herself.

Kath posed for a cheeky calendar alongside her brazen Wyvern drinking buddies to kick off the campaign earlier this month, and has already raised £5,000.

Copies of the A3 2019 calendar can be ordered for £15 by e-mailing

Kath has also thanked KallKwik in Farnham for stepping in at the last minute to print the calendar at a reduced cost after a “last minute hitch” with her original printers. Donations to Kath’s campaign can also be made online at

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