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RACCOON RAMPAGE: Animal Attacks Maywood Residents | Paramus - Rutherford Daily Voice

A raccoon who attacked several Maywood pedestrians was captured Thursday, local police said.

The animal bit an 82-year-old man sitting on a lawn chair on his arm, finger and leg around 1:30 p.m., ABC7 reports.

Children and adults in their backyard were chased by the crazed animal, before it jumped onto the back of a 72-year-old man doing yard work. He was left with cuts on his back.

Responding officers made a futile attempt at tasering the raccoon as it clawed at the side of a house.

Other officers in a backyard near Desoto and Briarcliff avenues fired three rounds at the animal about 20 minutes later, but missed, the article says.

Bergen County Animal Control ultimately captured the raccoon alive to be tested for rabies.

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