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Obese teenager ‘fed takeaways by mother as they were dying in hospital' - Yahoo News

Collection of junk food (Getty)
Collection of junk food (Getty)

An obese teenager was fed takeaways by their mother as they lay dying in a hospital bed, according to a report.

The teen, who was eating a staggering 2,000 calories every morning before lunch, died from a heart condition aged 13 in April 2015.

A serious case review from the Manchester Safeguarding Board found the mother tried to prevent the child from taking part in PE lessons and also abused them by calling them a “doughnut”.

The child, whose name and gender are not being released, enjoyed taking part in sport but their mum would apparently not buy them the necessary PE kit and lied they were too sick to complete classes.

The teen, from Greater Manchester, even reportedly told teachers to not tell their mum they had been taking part in sport at school.

The report, which concluded last year but was only now discussed by Manchester City Council's children and young people's scrutiny committee, said: "[The school] found it difficult to challenge [the] mother about putting obstacles in the way of [the teenager] from taking part in something they enjoyed and which was beneficial for their wellbeing.”

Police investigated the mum but no action was taken against her (Picture: Getty Images)
Police investigated the mum but no action was taken against her (Picture: Getty Images)


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When the youngster, who weighed 30kg (4st 10lb) when they were just three, was dying in hospital their mum bought them takeaways, the report added.

The report added the teen’s weight ‘contributed’ to their cardiomyopathy condition.

Manchester Safeguarding Board Chair Julia Stephens-Row said the authorities would try to empower professionals to have “different conversations" about weight after the report and they had “refreshed” the neglect strategy.

The case review, which was reported by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, suggested professionals suffered “paralysis” around the childhood obesity issue and should have been able to discuss it more freely.

Police looked into the case but no charges were made against the mother.

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