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Nelly's St. Lunatics Member Ali Details Beef With Ludacris - HotNewHipHop

St. Lunatics' Ali accuses Ludacris of biting Nelly. Tonight is the night when two quintessential rappers of the early 2000s go song-for-song on Instagram Live tonight for the latest edition of Verzuz. Fans have been anticipating this one, especially since Swizz Beatz and Timbo have been lining up stellar face-offs. However, ahead of�tonight's battle with Ludacris and Nelly, a member of St. Lunatics' took a trip down memory lane to revisit the rivalry between the two back in the day."Ludacris used to steal our shit so much. I just used to be like, �N***a! Would you stop?� I�m telling you,'� he�said live from the Fax Machine. �He did �Fantasy� I was like, �Damn, my n***a, you just straight took our whole shit.� Then after that he did the video and then the other thing. Then, we came out with �Midwest Swang� and he came out with 'Saturday.' I�m like, �Would you stop, n***a?! Leave us alone!'�He added that "shit got serious" due to the fact that it kept happening over and over again. Ali pointed out to the fact that the Chingy beef was happening at that point then "Tip Drill" and "Pussy Poppin" dropped which he explained added even more fuel to the fire.Though the two haven't necessarily spoken about Ali's post ahead of the battle, perhaps they'll address it tonight. Nelly vs. Ludacris Verzuz Battle�goes down at 7 p.m EST tonight.�Read More