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Nintendo confirms E3 Direct as being "around 40 minutes" - GoNintendo

40 minutes in heaven

There's been a bunch of talk about Nintendo's E3 Direct being roughly 40 minutes long, based on inside information and listings on other streaming sites. Now Nintendo has confirmed that speculation with a tweet, where they stated that this Tuesday's Direct will be around 40 minutes. If it's anything like previous Directs, the information is going to come out in a fast and furious nature!

Not familiar with E3 directs, but isn't 40 minutes pretty long for a direct?

I think it's about the usual duration for an E3 Direct/Digital Event

Well... the last one if I recall was 45 minutes long... and consisted of about 30 minutes of Smash Ultimate talk...

yes it was Nintendo spent too much time in a game that could be explained later in a own Direct, i hope the same thing dont happen at this Nintendo E3 Direct.

With Mario Maker 2 and Pokemon Directs done, this can be interestin indeed. I am body is ready.

Here's hoping it won't focus on single games for too long like last year's one.

me too, i want information for other titles and suprise too, please Nintendo dont focus too much in Animal Crossing or the second Smash DLC character.

So prolly 5 minutes on Animal Crossing. 5 minutes on Anime Cops. 5 minutes on Matt Damon x Machina. 5 minutes on Fire Emblem Tree Houses. 5 minutes on Luigi's Mansion. 5 minutes on Marvel. 5 minutes on the Link's Awakening reremake. 5 minutes on whoever Smash DLC character they have.

Then Treehouse where they'll have an exclusive announcement for an all new never before seen eShop game.

40 minutes broken down:

- 38 minutes on Fire Emblem

- 1 minute on Animal Crossing

- 30 seconds on everything else

- 30 seconds on Smash DLC

No.. 39 minutes on Smash DLC, 10 seconds on Fire Emblem, 30 second indie reel, 10 seconds of unannounced games, 5 seconds of talk, 4 seconds of MarioMaker 2 DLC, 1 second of Animal Crossing.

this is a good lenght for a Nintendo E3 Direct, i hope Nintendo dont spent a good chunk of the Direct in one or two games just like the last Nintendo E3 Direct.

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