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Commander Keen mobile game trailer from E3 2019 - Polygon

One of id Software’s earliest franchises is being revived by Zenimax Online Studios as a mobile game. Commander Keen is an online iOS and Android game which utilizes a Saturday morning cartoon style and tactical strategy gameplay.

While the gameplay for Commander Keen isn’t super clear, based on the stage demonstration, it does appear to be family friendly, with cute character designs and approachable touch controls. The game’s two heroes, twins Billy and Billie, are able to build gadgets to get the upper-hand on a variety of nasty aliens.

The game will feature a single-player story mode as well as a PVP online battle mode. There seems to be a tactical strategy element, where character movement and ability cooldowns are the keys to success.

The announcement included a themed introductory trailer to further emphasize the cartoony look and feel, complete with its own theme song.

Commander Keen is scheduled to be released by Zenimax Online Studios later this summer.

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